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De Montalt Wood on the map

Use the map above. Click the + sign 7 times (i.e. to the max. zoom) to see Summer Lane. (or use two fingers with an iPad). We are off Summer Lane. Then see our "Final approach", below, which shows how to find where our private driveway leads off Summer Lane.

Final Approach

The map below shows where our drives starts in summer lane. Put BA2 7EU in your navigator and you will be taken to within a few meters of it. Below the map are a series of photographs showing you what the drive looks like. See also "Lampost number 9" in the opposit column.

Map symbols Key
Our driveway starts here.

De Montalt Wood Bed and Breakfast.


The red line turns off summer lane into our drive.

Descend our drive, continue through the gate posts.

Fork Right

You have arrived


Lampost number 9

Sounds like the title of a song, but a lovely couple who stayed with us recently said "the only criticism we had was that the taxi driver could not find you." But the taxi driver said to them "Tell De Montalt Wood that all the taxi driver needs to know is that you are just past Lampost Number 9 in Summer Lane."

You see, each lamp post has a 4 inch white square with a its number written in black facing into the road. So anyone can find us by counting off the lamp posts to find Lampost 9, proceed for 10 meters and turn right, heading down our long drive. (See photos opposit). That assumes you are descending Summer Lane. If you are ascending, then count to Lamp Post 10 then proceed 30 yards and turn left into our drive.

On the weekends, its it best to book a taxi about half an hour in advance. It costs from £7-10 to get from our font door to various parts of central Bath.

Bath Taxis

V Cars
Abbey Taxis
County cars
Bath Taxis
01225 464646
01225 444444
01225 352173
01225 650018


Bus rides from Combe Down to Bath.

Our nearest bus stop is less than 300 meters away. .

From Monday to Saturday a bus service runs every half hour from Combe Down to Bath from about 7.00am to about 7.00pm and then every hour to about 11:30pm.

You have to be a bit of a bus time-table fan to understand the time tables but we can help you with that. The fare is £4.10 return and £2.60 single unless you over 60 and have a bus pass. Any English or Welsh bus pass is accepted.

If coming from Bath to Combe Down, remember it is Bus Route No 1 and has Combe Down written on it.


Bath Spa Railway Station

We are about a 10 minute taxi ride away. The No 1 bus route starts about 50 meters from the station.

Bath is less than an hour and half from London Paddington station.